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Read Mirrored Hearts by Ann Marie Bryan Christian Fiction Author

Mirrored Hearts

A Short Story

Larry Kanate and his wife, Rozene would be considered a modern day power couple. Rozene is a globe-trotting best-selling author and he is on the executive management team at Pallecia Worldwide All Suite Hotel. Years in the making, they have managed to keep love alive while supporting each other’s dreams. 

In an irrational moment, Larry acted on impulse and created life changing struggles that could destroy their happiness. He is determined to keep his secret close to his heart. But, Rozene is living under the crushing weight of her own secret. 

When mirrored secrets are exposed, Larry realized that in order to understand his heat of the moment behavior, he would have to delve deeper and reveal more of himself than he had ever disclosed to anyone. In doing so, he just may save himself…and perhaps, his marriage. 

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Mirrored Hearts Short Review

What Readers Are Saying About Mirrored Hearts

A Short Story


Amazon Customer

This short is well-written, and I can tell the author is a trained writer. The way this piece starts, I was expecting something thin on conflict and predictable. The author surprised me in the way she skillfully (and graciously) eased me into a catastrophe, that also serves as a SOLID beginning for a novel. BRAVO!


Amazon Customer

Oh my, this short story has me waiting for more; the very first sentence pulled me in. This is the appetizer before the main course. I am so excited to find out how Larry and Rozene's story will unfold.

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