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Read Mirrored Hearts Sealed By Fire by Ann Marie Bryan Christian Fiction Author

Mirrored Hearts: Sealed By Fire

Larry Kanate and his wife, Rozene, would be considered a modern day power couple. Years in the making, they have managed to keep love alive while supporting each other’s dreams.

Their undeniable love connection is unshakeable… seemingly unbreakable, until Larry discovers his wife’s crushing secret. As their picture-perfect world falls apart, she does everything in her power to get away from her past sin, but he is bent on never letting her forget it, all the while keeping his “little secret” close to his heart.

When Larry’s day of reckoning comes, will fear hold him hostage or will he be completely honest with himself and God? Will their marriage be strong enough to survive mirrored secrets? Will their faith help them to handle the ultimate solution – a marriage sealed by fire?

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Mirrored Hearts Review

What Readers Are Saying About

Mirrored Hearts: Sealed by Fire


Amazon Customer

“I have just finished reading Ann Marie Bryan's "Mirrored Hearts: Sealed by Fire" and I am at a loss for words... which is saying a LOT, because I am a writer, myself. I found this novel to be particularly meaningful, because it urged me to look at myself -- a Christian, a wife, a mother, a writer, a teacher -- in a different light. I can honestly say it caused me to enter into some deep self-examination as it relates to being judgmental of the sins of others while carrying around sin that is no more or less "sinful" than theirs. I love a book that makes me think. This novel did more than that -- it made me pray.

On to the writing: there can be no denying that Ms. Bryan has a way with words. A true wordsmith, she has the ability to transport you "smack-dab" into the middle of a scene. There were times I felt as if I was in the room watching the characters interact with each other. I could hear the emotion in their voices and feel the tension in the air. Brilliant writing.

This novel was part two of a series, and while it works well as a standalone (you don't have to read the first to follow this one), I was amazed that by simply shifting perspectives, the writer was able to get me to feel sympathetic towards a character from the first series whom I absolutely did not like. It will be interesting to see how the next book in the series will unfold. I await the third installment with bated breath!

You absolutely ROCK, Ms. Bryan! Keep up the great work!.”


Amazon Customer

Mirrored Hearts is the second novel in this wonderful series about love, deceit, forgiveness, hurt, cheating, and redemption. Larry and Rozene has what some might see as a picture perfect marriage, but is tainted with infidelity.

This is definitely a must read for singles looking for love and for couples to help them renew their strengths and perhaps air out their grievances.

It was hard to read and not feel some of the emotions that the characters were experiencing. Especially if you have experienced what they have.

It proves that with God on your side, earnest love and solid values, you can conquer it.

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