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Inspiration to write

My inspiration to write comes from God, my family, friends, readers, and fellow authors. As a Christian Fiction author, I write to educate, inspire, and empower others. I desire to tell great stories with fascinating characters to show the awesome power of God in the lives of people and places.

Writing is a natural way for me to process my emotions and a conduit to inspire those around me. I grew up in a family of educators, so during my earliest years, reading was an integral part of my life. Night after night, I would read stacks of storybooks, which were given to me by my eldest sister.

It was also during my childhood that I discovered the joys of creative writing. My sister, who was a teacher, suggested that I write stories on weekends during my early childhood years. I remember her using a red inked pen to put a line through what she thought was irrelevant in my stories. She also praised me for the excellent parts. Above all, my sister encouraged me to continue writing. As you can tell, my sister was the first to witness my work back then, and I am happy to report she is still doing so today.

Who inspired you to write?

Let me hear from you.

Ann Marie Bryan Author & CEO, Victorious By Design


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