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Read Mirrored Hearts Sealed By Fire by Ann Marie Bryan Christian Fiction Author

A Place For My Heart

(Copyrighted Material)

She rushed after him, desperation urging her on.

His hand on the door knob, Chandler swallowed hard, attempting to tame his desire. She was now standing behind him… way too close. “You were saying?” he asked, hoping his tone would not betray him.

“I want to-to…” Sabrina pushed out a frustrated sigh as she searched for the right words. “I want to hug you but I can’t. I mean, it’s best that we don’t.” She paused, and then anguish filled her voice. “Could you at least look at me?”

Chandler pushed his hands in his pants pockets and turned to look directly into her eyes, a look he’d perfected for professional settings. “You have my attention.”

She fought hard not to fidget under his gaze. “Don’t make this any more difficult than it is.”

He did not respond, but his eyes dropped to her lips, and he leaned in.

No-no-no, don’t do that. Then, heat flushed her face. It was she who was on tip-toes.

Mirrored Hearts


Read Mirrored Hearts Sealed By Fire by Ann Marie Bryan Christian Fiction Author

Mirrored Hearts:

Sealed By Fire

(Copyrighted Material)

Unconsciously, a sigh danced from her lips, as she slowly regained her wits. She glanced at him and found a pair of startlingly warm brown eyes assessing her in return.

An exhilarating, yet familiar sensation passed between them and he leaned down and placed his hands on either side of her while flashing his pearly whites. “What are you so spellbound about?”

She blinked rapidly and her mouth twitched as she gazed at him wondering how to respond. She licked her lips nervously, and then broke their stare to catch a closer glimpse of his gorgeous physique. He was magnificent.

Shades of the Heart
Read Mirrored Hearts Sealed By Fire by Ann Marie Bryan Christian Fiction Author


Shades of the Heart

(Copyrighted Material)

A sharp pain slowly screeched through her heart as she remembered how Blake desperately wanted to start a family. “Let’s start discussing names,” he said. His dark brown eyes twinkled as he spoke during their devotion one night as they lay facing each other in bed.

She looked at him, taking in the flawlessness of his chiseled features. Handsome would not aptly describe him. With his caramel complexion, well-toned muscular body suggesting years of working out, and his signature, gap-toothed smile which seemed to say, “The world is a better place because you are in it,” he was one tall, good-looking man.

“Gabby?” Blake called out when he noticed that she was staring. “Do I have something on my face?”

“No!” She smiled tenderly at him, caressing his cheek with her hand. “I love you.”

He returned her smile, pulling her into his arms and dotting her face with kisses before covering her lips with his own. He kissed her leisurely, then urgently until she arched tightly against him, moaning loudly. Her toes curled and she feverishly clutched his shoulders, quivering and wanting more, demanding more. And he gave her more but not before ripping his lips from hers to say, “I love you.”

He understood her well enough to know how to give her the greatest pleasure. She would venture to say, he’d mastered it and thankfully, it was his pleasure too. His rapidly rising desire was as powerful and insatiable as hers. Every moment with him hurled her into a blissful, heated dimension, leaving her feeling completely spent yet breathlessly fulfilled.

Read Mirrored Hearts Sealed By Fire by Ann Marie Bryan Christian Fiction Author


Unforgettable: My Love Has Come Along

(Copyrighted Material)


I giggled foolishly as Orane attempted to feed me with lobster pizza at A & O Seafood Restaurant.  We were absolutely stuffed by the end of our main course – grilled lobster tail, steamed snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Orane persuaded me to have dessert, strawberry sorbet and I was so glad he did. 

I moaned as I savored the delightful taste of the fruity sorbet.  It had just the right amount of tartness.  “Gym here I … Orane are you okay?”  He was deep in thought and his countenance had completely changed. 


“Yes, I’m …” His voice trailed off.


“What is it?” I asked, reaching across the table to touch his hand.

He looked off in the distance.  “I’m good.”

I eyed him with great concern.  “What’s going on?”

“I know that we are good together but…” His voice trailed off again as he tried to find the right words.  “I don’t think a relationship between us is going to work.”


My eyes widened and my heart quivered.  Thankfully, I was sitting down for this mind-numbing bit of news.  “You think so?”  I offered a weak, shaky smile.   


He did not respond.


I played with my sorbet, trying to hide how seriously traumatized I was.  My mind began to swirl and I glanced at him, desperately trying to read his expression. 

I could not!

What is this? 

Did I open my heart too quickly?

Could he have hidden his emotions that well?

“We’ll be alright,” he said calmly.  “Let’s give it more time.”


A number of comebacks came to my mind but I chose silence.  My stomach felt sick.  Was I blinded by my desire, hoping for something that apparently never existed in the first place? 


I gazed blindly at the salt and pepper shakers as Orane started another conversation.  I did not respond.  I continued to pick at my sorbet hoping not to fall to the floor.  For a moment, he assumed that something was caught in my eyes.  I was blinking back tears.  He doesn’t believe in ‘us’ and probably never did…

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