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Book Marketing Strategies

Book Marketing

  • Getting your book(s) in the hands of readers.

Identifying Your Target Readers

  • This is very important. Knowing your audience means you can adapt the content of your writing to address their main concerns.

Things to Note

  • Book marketing is all about creating relationships.

  • You can’t do everything. Get help from trusted sources.

  • Publish your best work


1. Create a marketing plan (Establish a budget. Start thinking about your publicity campaign six months before publishing.)

2. Build an author platform (for example, a website). Your website should include:

  • Sample chapters from your book

  • Tell your author brand story

  • Links to purchase your book(s)

  • Book reviews

  • Blurbs/Hook (Best chance to grab media attention)

  • Testimonials/Endorsements

  • Blog

  • Events schedule (Appearances – book signings, bookstores, speaking engagements, conferences, etc)

  • Contact information.

3. Create an online Media Kit, to include:

  • About the author – 2 bios (short and long)

  • Summary of the book(s) with ISBN(s)

  • Book reviews

  • Awards

  • Author photos

  • Book covers

  • Contact information

  • Media – Provide links to previous media coverage

  • Audio and video clips

  • Interview topics – A list of topics you can speak about.

  • Sample Q & A

  • Article topics – A list of topics you can write about

  • Fact Sheet

  • Press releases links

  • Media references

  • Testimonial or quotes

More strategies in the coming weeks. I would love to hear from you. What strategies would you suggest?

Ann Marie Bryan CEO & Founder, Victorious By Design Author, Encounters of the Heart series

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