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Avid Readers' Appreciation Week - Meet Our Moderators & Honorees

Avid Readers' Appreciation Week took place on November 9-13, 2020. It was a wonderful celebration of our readers and honorees. The event which was held in my Facebook readers' group, Ann Marie Bryan's Readers' Cafe, was filled with wonderful prizes, surprises, and giveaways.

Our Moderators

A big thank you to our awesome moderators – Tracala Hibbler, Dee Wiggins, Tera Kirksey, Pamela Johnson, and Ryan Smith. We are grateful that you took the time to plan our celebration. Thanks for the inspiration that you brought to the table. You made sure that you elicit our thoughts which created lively interactions. Your role was critical to the smooth operation and overall success of our celebration. Well done!

Our Honorees

Congratulations to our 2020 honorees, reader extraordinaires–Tina Young, Vondetta Carter, Georgiana Braham, Shannan Harper, and Gloria Evans-White. We – admins, moderators, authors, and readers - love and appreciate you. Thanks for being avid readers. We pray that the favor of God will always be with you and that you will continue to live in the glory of His grace.

Ann Marie Bryan CEO & Founder, Victorious By Design Author, Encounters of the Heart series

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