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My Writing Process

I was fortunate to get an opportunity to participate in Author Tracee Garner's 2017 writing process blog tour. I was featured on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Here's what I wrote for Tracee's blog tour.

Regarding my writing process, I carry the storyline in my mind until I have a good grasp on where I’m heading with it. During that time, I get to know the characters - their backgrounds, personalities, likes and dislikes, pain points, etc. There are three elements that are always present in my writing - a central theme, a major event that has changed the protagonist’s life, and conflict. I like to write about characters who are total opposites, because I have to take them out of their comfort zones and also find the common thread that will create harmony between them. In all of this, the characters have to remain true to their personalities yet be open enough to understand each other. The lessons learned are priceless. Preferred Time of Writing

My preferred time to write is in the morning… early morning, when it is quiet and I can hear myself think. Using Microsoft Word, I do an outline of what I’m hoping to achieve in each chapter. After that, I am all about getting the story out of my head. There’s always a rush to complete this because I need the characters to stop talking. When I am away from my laptop, I use the memo pad on my cell phone to note things that I would like to add to the story. I do research while I am writing.

There is no better feeling than completing the first draft. Then, the rewrite begins. During the rewrite, I add to the outline to keep tabs on pacing, character development, conflicts, resolutions, etc. I will do another rewrite/self edit to make sure the story is authentic. When I am positive that this is the story I would like to present to the world, I prepare the back cover description and come up with a suitable title and cover.

Next, the editing process begins. Usually, I will send my manuscript to four beta readers/first round editors. When I get back their responses and make the appropriate corrections, I then send my manuscript to a professional editor and after that, a proofreader. The most dreaded part of writing for me is the absolutely necessary editing process. I’m handing over my “baby” for a thorough examination and that can be nerve-racking. Quite often, I’ll wonder if my editors will understand the message I’m attempting to convey. Happy to report that usually they do. However, there is nothing quite like making those editorial changes. It is time-consuming and exhausting. Yet, it must be done because I want to release my best book.

Determine why you desire to write. Don’t be overwhelmed by your lack of knowledge about writing or the publishing industry. Educate yourself. Select an individual, group or organization with the knowledge and ability to help you succeed.

Do research to obtain information on how to best leverage your knowledge and abilities to fulfill your dream of becoming an author. Benchmark against the best in the area of your writing assignment. Nevertheless, be a trend-setter. Do not be afraid to break new ground.

Importantly, read, read, read...especially other authors in your genre. Above all, trust God; He will bring it to pass.

Ready! Set! Go!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Ann Marie Bryan CEO & Founder, Victorious By Design Author, Encounters of the Heart series

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