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For Aspiring Authors

Perhaps you have an idea for a book, but you are unsure how to begin. You have never attempted anything this huge and your life is already too hectic… a job, family, and several other activities.

How can you successfully complete this seemingly insurmountable task?

You can do this. Start writing. There is never going to be a perfect time. I know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times but it is the truth. True too, there is no magic formula. Writing is a discipline so keep at it, day by day so that you can develop your skill. A few words will soon turn into a chapter.

Here are tips as you begin your writing journey:

1. Determine why you desire to write. After you have completed that task, do an outline of your ideas.

2. Ask for help. Don’t be overwhelmed by your lack of knowledge about writing or the publishing industry. Select an individual, group or organization with the knowledge or ability to help you succeed.

3. Educate yourself. Do research to obtain information on how you can best leverage your knowledge and abilities to fulfill your dream of writing. The internet is filled with information of all sorts about writing, publishing and marketing your book.

4. Determine the genre of your book.

5. Benchmark against the best in the area of your writing assignment. Nevertheless, be a trend setter. Do not be afraid to break new ground.

6. Research your publishing options (traditional publishing, assisted self -publishing, do-it-yourself publishing) before making the decision.

7. Prepare a budget for editing and promotional activities. Create a marketing plan.

8. Create an author platform (website and social media) to connect with readers.

9. Be enthusiastic about your book. It will help you to move forward when things are not going as planned.

10. Stay away from negative people and those who will talk you out of writing your book.

11. Celebrate the milestones you have achieved during the process of completing your book.

12. Stay expectant and trust God. He will bring it to pass.

Importantly, read, read, read... especially other authors in your genre. Above all, trust God; He will bring it to pass.

Ready! Set! Go!

Let me hear from you.

Ann Marie Bryan CEO & Founder, Victorious By Design Author, Encounters of the Heart series

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