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Book Spotlight: Reign Storm by Kendy Ward

Award-winning author Kendy Ward released a new novel, Reign Storm, Book 3, Knight in Damaged Armor Series, on September 24, 2021.

"My first published story was romance," says Kendy. "It wasn’t Christian at all even though I was, but as my relationship with Christ deepened, I realized that I could only tell stories that glorified Him, and hopefully entertained at the same time. I say in my daily affirmation that I want to write stories that enlighten and entertain.

I wrote this story to of course tell an amazing love story, but also to show that everyone’s walk with Christ is different, everyone’s relationship with God is different, and as we walk with Him on whichever road He is leading us, if we allow Him, He will heal our brokenness.”

Back Cover Description

As a young girl, she was deemed trash, and no one wanted anything to do with her. Now all grown up, as the brash owner of the Bahamas’ number one magazine and a fledgling clothing boutique, Reign Bryant has made good on her promise to silence her bullies with success. Although the painful remnants from her past lurk in her spirit, the swanky condo, luxury car and glamorous life she dreamed of through the tears keeps a smile plastered to her face. Still, a reckless mistake from her past haunts her every day, and quick-tempered Reign must make it right before it’s too late.

Handsome detective Storm Knight is Reign’s teenage crush. After 16 years of being absent from her life, Storm is the only person who can lead Reign to the redemption she so desperately craves. Despite his arrogance, self-righteous attitude and polarizing opinions completely opposite of her own, Reign finds herself still attracted to the man who was her first love. Will Reign and Storm be able to put their differences aside, or will her last shot at redemption be her undoing and tear them apart forever?

An Excerpt

The last person on earth I expected to run into coming out the bathroom at church was Reign Bryant. When my eyes landed on her toffee-colored face, I thought my mind had conjured her up from the past. I’d thought of her from time to time – wondered what happened to her. It was amazing how we lived on an island that was a mere 7 x 21 miles, yet in sixteen years, I had not run into her one time and I was happy about that.

My eyes left her face and traveled down her shapely, 5” 11” frame. Even as an eighteen-year-old, she’d had womanly curves that were even more womanly now. She looked good. She was wearing some jeans that were too tight to be wearing at church with a top that was kinda off the shoulder on one side. She had a birthmark on her clavicle that I found sexy. She was wearing shiny, red heels that made her almost on eye level with me. Her hair was in long braids that reached her small waist. I liked what I saw. I couldn’t help thinking about the last time I saw her and that kiss. I was annoyed that after all these years, I still couldn’t control my hormones around her. Shame quickly rose in my chest. I pretended I didn’t know her. Like I’d never seen her a day in my life.

“Pardon me,” I murmured and kept moving.

I re-took my seat in the balcony, which gave me a perfect view to see when Reign re-entered the sanctuary. I was surprised to see her walk to the first row and take a seat next to my brother and his “friend,” Priscilla Deveaux. I didn’t curse, but if I did, I would’ve right then. She was friends with Priscilla. A million thoughts, scenarios raced through my brain. Foremost, how likely would it be for me to avoid her if things got serious between Randy and Priscilla.

I tried to pay attention to the rest of the talent show my niece, Eden, was putting on to raise money for a missions trip to Rwanda, but I couldn’t. Instead, I stared at Reign and thought of days gone by when I’d arrested her. When I’d befriended her. When I messed up. I thought about how weak my flesh could get.

I didn’t want to go down and talk to my family because she was there, but I couldn’t hide out in the balcony all night. I had to go congratulate Eden, and it didn’t look like Priscilla and Reign were leaving any time soon. When I approached the group, I forced myself not to look in her direction, although I wanted to. I felt the heat of her gaze beckoning me to steal a glance at her. I resisted her magnetic pull.

“Good job, baby girl.” I wrapped Eden into a tight hug.

“Thanks, Uncle Storm.” She squeezed me tight.

“Hey, bro.” Randy gave me a fist bump. “You remember Priscilla.” I smiled and nodded at Priscilla. She did the same. “And this is Priscilla’s friend, Reign Bryant.”

Reign gave me smile that didn’t reach her eyes. I could tell it was forced, and for the life of me I couldn’t force one in return. I was still in shock from seeing her there. I really didn’t know how to respond. I said hello but it sounded more like a grunt. I saw hurt briefly flash in her eyes. Yes, I was going to pretend I didn’t know her. I didn’t feel like explaining to my brother or anyone how we knew each other.

I wasn’t home five minutes before Randy called.

“What was up with you tonight? You were really rude to Reign.”

“I think I arrested her before.” It was a half-truth, but it would get Randy off my back.

“What! You’re tripping. You’re trying to tell me that Priscilla’s best friend is a criminal?”

“Not exactly,” I hedged, “but I’ve arrested her before.”

“I really like Priscilla. She’ll be around a lot and may bring Reign with her on occasion. Will that be a problem?” Randy’s voice was measured, serious, warning.

“It won’t be a problem.” I assured him.

About Kendy

Kendy Ward first garnered recognition as a winner of BET’s First Time Writer’s Competition. She has since self-published a non-fiction work, and been featured in an anthology. Later her first non-fiction work was published in the inspirational and empowering compilation, No Glory without a Story. In 2012 she took her a writing career to another level when she authored her first self-published work, God-Esteem: Seeing the God in You. Her first full length work of fiction, Oh Romeo, Romeo, the first book in The Knight in Shining Armor series, will be released in late 2015. She was also a featured columnist for Essence Bahamas Online Magazine.

As a Toastmasters International award winning speaker, Kendy has spoken throughout South Florida and the Bahamas on topics of faith, empowerment and self-improvement.

She serves at Hope United Church as a minister and is the current president of the church's women’s ministry, Kingdom Women United.

She graduated Cum Laude from Northwood University with a Bachelor’s in International Business and Management. She is currently a manager at a construction company, and is a member of the National Association of Black Women in Construction.

Connect with Kendy


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