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It's Avid Readers' Appreciation Week! Today, Tuesday, 11/09/2021, join Dee Wiggins as she moderates the celebration for our avid readers. This event will be filled with wonderful prizes, surprises, and giveaways. Join the celebration on Facebook here: Ann Marie Bryan's Readers' Cafe.

Meet Our Honoree

Today, we are honoring reader extraordinaire, Angela Anderson. Here’s a bit about Angela:

Angela Anderson aka the “Literary Midwife” has a deep passion for all things literary, marketing, and event planning. Reading is one of the things she enjoys with a passion. She is an eclectic reader with a vast palate in taste for a great book.

Her love for reading is one of the reasons she created Angela’s Literary Café. She founded the “Literary Café” as a place where authors and readers can connect and grow their reader-author bond through their love for the craft of the written word and books.

In addition to reading books, Angela enjoys talking about books with other book lovers just as much. Reading is truly a lifestyle.

Fun Facts About Angela

We know you love to read but what else do you do for fun?

I enjoy watching Hallmark movies or a comedy movie for the laughs.

Where is your favorite place to read?

In my recliner, in which I call my reading chair with my reading blanket. Yes, I have a reading blanket.

What is your favorite snack while reading?

Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips (Lightly Salted)

Do you like coffee or tea? Chocolate or candy? Beaches or mountains?

Team tea all the way (Hot Lemon Tea)! Please let me say both, chocolate and candy! Chocolate covered almonds are the best. Candy… I am such a fan of old school candy…Apple, Banana or Pineapple Now and Laters, Apply Jolly Ranchers, and Lemonheads are some of my favorites. I can’t leave out Hot Tamales and Red Hots. I am going with the mountains!

What is your favorite Scripture and why?

I have many favorites. One is Jeremiah 29:11! It reminds me of who I am in Christ Jesus. And that he has plans for me.

What got you into reading in the first place?

Oh, wow! I loved story time when I was in elementary school. I also enjoyed that feeling of traveling to all the places that a book could take you. I have been an avid reader since forever. I was that kid who loved library day in school.

What is your favorite part of a story?

Can I say the beginning, the middle, and the end! All for different reasons. I love the introduction of the characters, the build up and when it all comes together for a conclusion.

How do you decide whether or not to buy a book?

I am such a booknerdigan. The cover and the back blurb, of course. Sometimes book buzz and referrals from other book lovers. Of course, if I like a book or am interested in reading a book, I buy it. I love books and reading so it doesn’t take much for me to decide to buy a book. Sometimes, I buy books just because!

Do you like book teasers? Why or why not?

Actually, I do. Sometimes it is the book teaser that captures my attention and lead me to make a purchase.

Do you write book reviews? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Writing reviews is a way to give back to the authors and help others to learn about great books.

How can authors attract new readers?

By being their authentic selves and allowing readers to get to know them as a person.

What would you like to see in authors’ newsletters?

I would like to see fun facts, upcoming releases, book recommendations to name a few things listed in an author’s newsletter.

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