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It's Avid Readers' Appreciation Week! Today, Wednesday, 11/10/2021, join Tera Kirksey as she moderates the celebration for our avid readers. This event will be filled with wonderful prizes, surprises, and giveaways. Join the celebration on Facebook here: Ann Marie Bryan's Readers' Cafe.

Meet Our Honoree

Today, we are honoring reader extraordinaire, Marsha Brown. Here’s a bit about Marsha: Marsha Brown was born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas. She have been married to Barry Brown for 41 years. They have three daughters and four grandkids. She is the fifth of eight siblings.

Marsha retired from Entergy Corp after 37 years of service. She was able to enjoy her love of books reading most days and introducing friends to new authors. She volunteers at her local church Saint Mark and enjoys traveling with friends and family. She obtained her Real Estate license to help those who didn't think they could obtain homeownership. She enjoys mentoring young people to live debt free lives.

Fun Facts About Marsha

  1. I love to travel before the pandemic so now it's walking.

  2. My favorite place to read is in my recliner.

  3. My favorite snack while reading is popcorn.

  4. I like tea, chocolate, candy, and beaches.

  5. Ephesians 3:20-21 is my favorite Scripture because that's what my life is like. He has done more than enough.

  6. I am a very curious person so I started reading to find information.

  7. Favorite Genres - Christian fiction and romance because most of them have a message and I love to read positive things.

  8. I decide to buy books from the book covers and sometimes reviews. I typically don't buy books with crime or sci-fi storylines.

  9. I like teasers because I can decide if I want to continue to read.

  10. I write reviews 99% of the time because the authors normally request them to help other readers. I just hate when people write reviews giving a whole synopsis of the book.

  11. I have found many authors because of free books on BookBub.


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