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Shades of the Heart

A shocking turn of events. Past and present secrets are revealed. Things will never be the same. Will they find the courage to forgive and create a love for all times? Find out in Shades of the Heart. Grab a copy of Shades of the Heart.

Back Cover Description

When past and present secrets are revealed, one thing is sure – things will never be the same.

All was well in Blake Montgomery’s magnificent world. He was actively involved in ministry at church, employed by a great company, and to top it all off, he was happily married to Gabrielle, and awaiting the new addition to his family.

Gabrielle found the love of her life. From the moment they met, their chemistry was undeniable. But, Blake had to work tirelessly to tear down the wall she had built up against ever loving again, and she was glad he did. They shared a love they attributed only to the grace of God on their lives…a love so rare.

When a dramatic turn of events disclosed shocking secrets, everything changed. As their marriage explodes and their lives shift in unexpected directions, both must learn to relinquish control and trust God in order to embrace the future.

Life-altering struggles can be the pathway to new beginnings. Will they find the courage to forgive and create a love for all times?

For your reading pleasure, “Shades of the Heart” is available as follows. Please click to order.


5 Stars: “This book in one word: POWERFUL! As a married woman, this book ministered to my soul. I loved how the author took us through every emotion of dealing with the extreme lows in crisis to the extreme highs. The personal battle to move towards forgiveness, restoring, rebuilding and ultimately the true meaning of love were all brought in full circle showcasing that love truly endures all things. This is an excellent display of how our faith and relationship with God can develop and the importance of having strong and true supporters in your corner. I loved Blake and Gabby together but what I loved most was their individual story of growth. Excellent job and excellent read!” Amazon Customer

Standalone books in the Encounters of the Heart series:

Book 1 – Shades of the Heart (Blake & Gabrielle Montgomery)

Book 2 – Mirrored Hearts: Sealed by Fire (Larry & Rozene Kanate)

Book 3 – A Place for My Heart (Chandler Peynard & Sabrina Benjamin)

Book 4 – Where My Heart Belongs (Tyler Bradshaw & Madison Kanate)

Book 5 – Hearts over the Line (The conclusion)

Ann Marie Bryan Author & CEO, Victorious By Design



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