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Trusting God to Provide

Can you trust God to provide for you?

Here’s someone on the faith journey:

Some days were just hard as Annalisa faced the glaring realities of her dating life or the lack thereof. Soon, she realized that she must absolutely trust God with this area of her life; after all, she had tons of testimonies of God’s faithfulness.

Reality kept intruding but Annalisa’s faith in God gave her the grace, hope and strength to endure. While she waited, she purposed in her heart, to live life to the fullest. This was not the suffering period before meeting someone. Annalisa simply went about the business of living her life in Godly purpose. Her singleness was not a mountain to climb but a vital and enjoyable step in her journey.

When you know God in an intimate way, it is not right to settle for less than His best for you. By faith, we believe that God is who He says that He is, and hence He will do exactly as He has promised. God would come through in every area of your life. And come through beyond your wildest imagination.

Ann Marie Bryan Author & CEO, Victorious By Design



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