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Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along

This is the beginning of what is inevitable. The plan of God is without a doubt exact, on time and perfectly orchestrated. This is a demonstration of such an exclusive plan.

Annalisa Jones still entertained the possibility of marriage, a new chapter in her life. It has been a long wait but she trusts God. Experience taught her that God’s timing is best. Her singleness is not a mountain to climb but a vital and enjoyable step in her journey.

When Annalisa least expects it, love calls softly to usher in an intriguing new era. There is no denying the mutual attraction between her and Orane Conway. Sparks flew! In fact, Annalisa fell in love with him before meeting him. In her extraordinary journey, Annalisa develops the courage to follow the convictions of her heart and discovers the joys and benefits of having a Godly partner. Later… raging fires crossed paths igniting an inferno, rupturing explosively before submitting to the mastery of each other.

Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along takes you behind the scenes to witness the challenges and victories of Annalisa’s remarkable journey from singleness to her amazing wedding day. Her love connection brings happiness to her circle of love and creates an unforgettable season of joy.

Prepare to be taken on an emotional yet humorous journey as Annalisa narrates the evolution of this romantic adventure where passion and purity meet. This novel is an inspiration to anyone in search of long and lasting love.

Grab your copy on Amazon.

Ann Marie Bryan Author & CEO, Victorious By Design


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